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5 Signs Your Business Needs an IT Support Company

5 Signs Your Business Needs an IT Support Company

Perhaps you have to handle sensitive data, you want to grow your business, or you're finding that your team is frequently overwhelmed. Turning towards a managed service provider (MSP) for your IT needs may have already crossed your mind but you haven't taken any steps yet. 

Here are the five questions to answer around moving forward with an IT MSP:

1. Do you have an IT improvement plan?

Wanting to innovate and grow is only natural, especially if you are worried about the competition. For that, you need to have a planned strategy for improving your IT footprint. Your IT department may not have the breadth or depth of experience to tackle this. This is where an MSP could prove really helpful, providing seasoned technology advice that aligns with your business goals.

2. Do you operate securely?

With cybersecurity risks on the rise, you want to make sure you have the best security practices in place. Do you enforce proper policies? Are you using world-class endpoint protection? Are you educating your staff on what to look out for? If you want to understand where you are when it comes to the security of your operations, what you need is a managed IT service provider that can help protect your data and handle network security to the very latest standards.

3. Do you have recurring issues?

You might notice the same issues happening over and over again. The truth is that no one person can handle all IT-related matters perfectly as the industry is very complex and evolving at a rapid pace. Some issues require highly specialized personnel. If you keep encountering the same issues, the solution is to turn to a managed IT company for help. They will ease the burden on your IT staff and come up with creative, efficient fixes in no time.

4. Are backups really working?

Your IT staff has likely enforced a backup policy to minimize the impact of ransomware attacks or hardware failures. Some regulations may also require you to store backups for years and that takes quite a lot of storage space. How can you know for sure that your backups are working and are being tested regularly, and what can you do to stay compliant and safe? 

You can put your mind at ease by working with experts that handle all your backup needs — talk to a Managed IT provider today!

5. Is your IT always available?

Do you sometimes get worried when IT is on vacation or sick? Perhaps you are wondering how long they plan to stick around... These concerns are a clear sign you need outside help. 

A managed IT service provider will help with the following:

  • Ensure your systems are running without interruption.
  • Keep your software upgraded to the newest stable version.
  • Take off the ongoing pressure of daily checks from you and your internal IT team.

Do You Need a Managed IT Service Provider?

Any of the above five signs is enough on its own to signal you would greatly benefit from contracting MSP services from Quercus IT but if you ticked more than one box, then there is no point in waiting. After all, the right IT partner will not only keep you safe and up to date, but will also help you control costs and grow your business and Quercus IT is known for the hassle-free support that gets you there.